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Token Categories

Each category represents a different industry sector, and its token contains assets only from this sector.

You pick the sector/industry you are interested in, provide the amount you are interested to participate. We handle all the rest.

Real Estate

Rental properties that allows you to profit from increased occupancy.


Infrastructure (roads, bridges, railways, water supplies) is a reliable, always advancing sector.


Includes categories such as lumber, steel, water, which are essential to the economy and way of living.


While infrastructure is built, land is a growing commodity. Land is projected to be highly valuable in the future.


Referred to as frontier technology, high tech is the cutting edge, most advanced technology currently available.


Crucial to the advancement of the economy and society, construction is a high growth area with the most growth potential.


The development of the newest, modern, advanced technology in the healthcare sector, including medicine and research.


A rapidly expanding sector spurred by increased economic activity

Green Technology

Technology whose use is intended to mitigate or reverse the effects of human activity on the environment. This also includes clean energy production.


This sector will be dramatically expanded to transport products and raw materials.


Being a key element of providing food for the rapidly growing population, agriculture works hand in hand with transportation in providing new export opportunities for farmers and producers.


Many different businesses fall into this category, such as food and beverage, lodging, travel, tourism and recreation.

Food Industry

This sector represents the manufacture of food products for the markets. A rapidly growing industry guaranteed to be always in demand.

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