We are the world’s first Global Income Generator Token Platform

Unlike other virtual currencies, our Silkchain Tokens are 100% real-world tangible asset based to minimize risk and volatility within the market.
By incorporating the Blockchain and A.I. Technologies, we utilize Big Data trends and predictive analytics to identify growth potentials in the different sectors around the world.
You can always sell, or transfer your Tokens anytime.

We connect you to asset owners around the globe, helping to grow together

We find potential asset owners around the globe who wants to grow and connect individuals who want to help and grow together.

The Virtual Currency Landscape Is Changing

Introducing Asset Backed Dividend Paying Tokens

The Virtual Currency Timeline

What sets us apart

Global Perspective

As the Global Financial Ecosystems evolve, so should your opportunities.
At Silkchain.com your choices are not only limited to your country of residence.

Confidentiality and Security

We know that information is power, your personal information is securely protected by state of the art security systems.


Simplicity is our number 1 goal.
Our processes are intentionally written in plain language, we want to create a completely straightforward and easy-to- use platform.

Digital-Assets Dividends

We are the first company to provide dividends on blockchain - based digital assets.
More than 90% of our profits are directly paid back to you via your Tokens.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Our employees actively participate in Employee Stock Ownership and are vested in the well being of our clients and our company.

No Tech Jargon

We assume that most of our audience is more interested in actually knowing about how our services will benefit them, as opposed to taking a technology course with us.


At any time, you can get in touch with us, including our CEO, with any questions, and comments you may have.

Corporate Responsibility

We consider ourselves a Company With Conscience.
We actively participate in social causes throughout the globe and are dedicated to reaching our goal of donating 10 percent of all our profits for worthy causes.

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